Do We Under Estimate Ourselves Sexually?


 Do We Under Estimate Ourselves Sexually?

  What does that mean to you? My interpretation is “I CAN’T DO IT!” or “THIS I WON’T DO!” “THAT’S NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN!” These, my Darlings, are the 3 elephants in this article.

I never put a value on myself as a person, my time, my ability to love, my mind, and my climaxes. You pick yours. What is your net worth, (not money)?

Whether you are a man or woman it doesn’t matter.  For those of us that think we are not good enough; pretty, tall, penis or bigger Tata’s. Now the bigger bum is in. What’s next? It goes on and on.  It never stops IF we allow it to continue.

Whether it’s Sex or Sexual pleasure, these Elephants live in our brain. I found out they lie to us.  My responsibility is not to believe the lies.

Sexual pleasure or sexual denial: You choose.

Do you think our expectations of our partner interfere with our sexual pleasure? Are you hard on yourself?  Or do we judge ourselves too harshly? Or them?

Think about that for a minute. We expect people in our lives to do certain things the way we want it, when we want it or how we want it. Some people we couldn’t make happy no matter what we did.

My mother always had closed fist. Dottie, always seemed to be angry about something, pissed off about something or someone. But nobody ever knew what it was, she was always “FINE.”

So my take on this is a clenched fist cannot hold anymore, just like a closed heart, misses out on all the beauty and enjoyment that love and sex can bring us.

As we get better in ourselves we start to see we deserve better. I’m speaking sexually and emotionally.

We see we have been Underestimating Ourselves.   If we get shortchanged in our sexual pleasure, that is our responsibility.

HERE’S WHAT I SUGGEST WE DO: Learn new things, drop the old ways of this is right and this is wrong.  Exploring our bodies and theirs is a wonderful way to start. Communication and a glass of your drink of choice (mine is a good Cabernet).  Open the clamped fist which keeps us from creating a new self sexually.  What ya got to lose? I’m here if you need any suggestions.  ME

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