About ME

I can help you construct new thinking regarding sex. My mentoring women of all ages and even men, helping both parties work towards a little bit more pleasure in their lives. Below I’ve included some of the keys points.

As a “regular woman,” ME aspires to help women develop a relationship with their own body and its sexual expression. This process can be about uncovering, discovering and discarding:

  • Uncovering the misinformation we have obtained through education, clergy, mothers, so-called professionals and our cultures.
  • Discarding outdated statistics, anxieties, and other people’s beliefs on how we should think, feel and behave.
  • To ultimately, discovering our right to our own authentic sexual pleasures.

I have had a bad marriage and a sexless one. I know and remember the pain I felt as a woman. Undesirable and worthless in the eyes of a man I loved.

Reinventing myself as a fully functioning sexual woman was hard but achievable. I was lucky to have women who listened and made suggestions. I can be your lucky piece.

This process can be about uncovering, discovering and discarding to find your sexual expression.