OK, let see how big your elephant is.     I’ll make this multiple choice, it’s easier.   Grade your Marriage/Relationships: A B C D F   Do you like sex with your partner? o  YES o  NO Does your partner like having sex with you? o  YES o  NO Who would you change in the relationship? o  HIM o  HER What is the #1 thing you would change!  RIGHT NOW If you had enough money to leave, would you? o  YES o  NO Is there lying in this relationship? o  YES o  NO Do you fight over religion? o  YES o  NO Who fights to be right? o  HIM o  HER Who is always afraid of something? o  HIM o  HER Are you socially equals? o  YES o  NO Are emotionally equals? o  YES o  NO Are you adventurous in bed? o  YES o  NO Do you laugh with each other? o  YES o  NO BIG questions: Are you willing to try something different? Start talking about what you like? Asking what they would like? Try a sexual toy? Fear is the tail on the Elephant so think about this; Change can be scary, but what is the fear […]

Should I Stay or Should I go?

Great question. However nobody can really answer this inquiry for you, and it’s a tough one especially if there’s violence.  I’m always surprised what we as women put up with and what we have gone through most of all, how we justify unacceptable behavior. Especially with sex concerns. For what reasons we do what we do. Well I can only tell you my experience and what other women have dared to share their secrets.  I had in my mind that I could never be anything without a man! I was raised to know this to my core. The men whom I chose in my life pretty much felt the same way.  One even told me that. Life has a way of teaching us or not; either we learned or we repeat! It took me a long time to learn because I repeated it several times. The main reason I stayed was for the children. Yep, I put up with all kinds of yuckyness because the children needed a good steady home with a mommy and a daddy. That’s what all the people tell us. THEY (who in the hell they are I don’t know) blame us for  all of our […]


      Have you ever seen a bull fight?  I relate this sport to the RED FLAGS in our lives. A “Torero” and the bull are the participates in the ring.  The “Matador de Toro” waves the red cape as he makes the final kill. What’s a Red Flag? It’s a feeling in your gut that something isn’t right.  Our feelings are like the Torero, who makes little jabs that fire up the bull, resembling something in us that says, “back away, and run.”  But we don’t!  We do not listen to our instincts.  We make excuses for their behavior.  This includes our husbands, kids, parents, co-workers and siblings.   After a bit of time, the Matador comes in for the kill.  We are the prey.  That killing thrust of the blade means to me divorce, broken friendships and failed relationships.  Listen to that small voice telling you not to go, not to trust, or act etc., etc.! Gavin de Becker wrote in The Gift of Fear,   “we are the only animals on the planet who do not listen/or pay attention to our instincts. Our instincts scream (the red cape) that something is wrong and run, run as fast as you can.”   When we […]

Watch Out for Bubble Baths

Hi Ladies, Wanted to add this article to your arsenal of tools to protect your precious vagina.   ME     LOOK OUT  There’s a myth my mother told me growing up that taking too many baths isn’t good for your vagina. Turns out, that myth might be true — at least depending on what you’re dropping into the bath water. When Fashionista writer Tamim Alnuweiri was talking to a friend about seeing bath bombs all over social media lately, her friend mentioned that her mom — a nurse practitioner — had warned her not to use bath bombs because they could mess with your vagina’s pH balance. And her friend’s mom is right. A vagina naturally has a pH level around 4 or 4.5, Michael Cackovic, M.D., an Ob/Gyn, told SELF. That means vaginas are on the acidic side. pH falls between 0 and 14, with anything less than 7 being acidic. About 10 to 20 bacteria are responsible for keeping a vagina between 4 and 4.5 on the pH scale, Cackovic told SELF, and the chemicals used to make bath bombs look and smell so pretty can also upset the balance of those bacteria. “The predominant good bacteria, which is […]

I Got Labia Fillers & My Sex Life Has Never Been Better

I had to share this with you,   As you know I read a lot of different articles and book .  In this ever changing world, sex is still growing strong.  However, there are somethings that we women are doing to make themselves feel better about their body.  I’m passing on this  commentary, I’m sure it  will answer any question you might have.  All I can say is VERY INTERESTING. Would love to know what you think of this medical procedure. Here is the link Refiner29   I’m open for one on one life mentoring and accessible for seminars. You can contact ME privately with your questions at and I will answer you, and of course engage with me on my website Show your support by  “sharing” this newsletter on Facebook; and subscribe to our mailing list to receive once a month my “Newsletter”, “Sexy Tips On Sex!”  “Toy of the Month”, and the “Blog”. Remember,”Sex can be fun”! “NEVER BE AFRAID TO BE SEXY” ME     Save