Part 2 Our Brain

  PART 2, OUR BRAIN: You are not at the mercy of your emotions—your brain creates them.  All cultures have opinions and values about Love and Marriage and Sex. In the United States, the most important VALUE is love.    When it comes to love and marriage in some other Nations love has the lowest importance in a marriage.   What’s the difference do you think? Where does the importance come from? My stand is our culture teaches us through religion, parents, and the […]


Resentments can do a lot of damage to our sex life. Part 1 Hello Everybody, Happy January This article is for both sexes. As always, I’m going to talk about sex; you know it is my favorite subject.  Well, in a roundabout way. I have discussed this before, but it bears repeating. I don’t think people believe me, but it’s the truth. When we have ill feeling towards our partner it affects our sex lives.  Here is an example I was mentoring […]

Peach Smoothie

PEACH SMOOTHIE   Want to know what this is?  No, you do not drink it!! Click on the smoothie.   PEACH SMOOTHIE  Is called a VAGINA FACIAL Just wanted to share this with you,. Have a great weekend!     I’m open for one on one life mentoring and accessible for seminars. You can contact ME privately with your questions at and I will answer you, and of course, engage with me on my website Show your support […]

Who Has Control of The Remote?

   WHO HAS CONTROL OF THE REMOTE? I remembered something the other day while writing this article. It struck me funny, and I thought I would share it with you.    I was at my brother’s house a while back and I was trying to turn on his big screen TV with the remote. My brother came running down the hall; hopped over the TV table and said as he took the remote from my hand. “Give me that; It’s […]


Sex Questionnaire   I’m creating a questionnaire for my followers. I think self-knowledge, communication and the ability to share this information with you is extremely important. This way I will be able to find out what’s really important to you or how I can better help you with some of your sexual circumstances. Of course, everything is only for my eyes and you will remain anonymous as always. Please don’t be shy with your answers, not only will it help […]

The Last Elephant in the Room

 Bye Bye   “The iron chain and the silken cord are equally bonds.” Johann Cristoph Friedrich Von Schiller   This is the last blog in the series of five about the Elephants in the Room. I thought the story was apropos to make a point. Whether your chains are emotional, physical or spiritual, the message is the same, but since I deal with sexuality and sexual pleasure and sexual fears, I thought this really was the great ending to my […]

Do We Under Estimate Ourselves Sexually?

   Do We Under Estimate Ourselves Sexually?   What does that mean to you? My interpretation is “I CAN’T DO IT!” or “THIS I WON’T DO!” “THAT’S NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN!” These, my Darlings, are the 3 elephants in this article. I never put a value on myself as a person, my time, my ability to love, my mind, and my climaxes. You pick yours. What is your net worth, (not money)? Whether you are a man or woman it […]


  OK, let see how big your elephant is.     I’ll make this multiple choice, it’s easier.   Grade your Marriage/Relationships: A B C D F   Do you like sex with your partner? o  YES o  NO Does your partner like having sex with you? o  YES o  NO Who would you change in the relationship? o  HIM o  HER What is the #1 thing you would change!  RIGHT NOW If you had enough money to leave, would you? […]

Should I Stay or Should I go?

Great question. However nobody can really answer this inquiry for you, and it’s a tough one especially if there’s violence.  I’m always surprised what we as women put up with and what we have gone through most of all, how we justify unacceptable behavior. Especially with sex concerns. For what reasons we do what we do. Well I can only tell you my experience and what other women have dared to share their secrets.  I had in my mind that […]


      Have you ever seen a bull fight?  I relate this sport to the RED FLAGS in our lives. A “Torero” and the bull are the participates in the ring.  The “Matador de Toro” waves the red cape as he makes the final kill. What’s a Red Flag? It’s a feeling in your gut that something isn’t right.  Our feelings are like the Torero, who makes little jabs that fire up the bull, resembling something in us that says, “back away, […]