OK, let see how big your elephant is.


I’ll make this multiple choice, it’s easier.


Grade your Marriage/Relationships: A B C D F


Do you like sex with your partner? o  YES o  NO
Does your partner like having sex with you? o  YES o  NO
Who would you change in the relationship? o  HIM o  HER
What is the #1 thing you would change!  RIGHT NOW
If you had enough money to leave, would you? o  YES o  NO
Is there lying in this relationship? o  YES o  NO
Do you fight over religion? o  YES o  NO
Who fights to be right? o  HIM o  HER
Who is always afraid of something? o  HIM o  HER
Are you socially equals? o  YES o  NO
Are emotionally equals? o  YES o  NO
Are you adventurous in bed? o  YES o  NO
Do you laugh with each other? o  YES o  NO

BIG questions: Are you willing to try something different?

Start talking about what you like?

Asking what they would like?

Try a sexual toy?

Fear is the tail on the Elephant so think about this;

Change can be scary, but what is the fear holding you back from having that exceptional sex life.  Change does not come all at once but a little at a time.  I’m always here to answer your question or just listen.  ME


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