My 2nd and 3rd Week in Vermont

Well, I’m going to start with Sunday last week.


I have become an observer; I’ve always enjoyed being a people watcher, but I feel my watching is on steroids now.  There’s so much to see, and it holds me in wonder.

My son and daughter-in-law and I took a half a mile walk down to the local creamery, an ice cream store. There was quite a line with families and their children; all laughing and playing in and about the tables. Out of 25 people hanging around, I only saw two people on their cell phone. It was amazing. I saw a couple of high school boys all scrubbed with clean jerseys.  They were talking and laughing and smiling at people.  What I didn’t hear was any foul language or hear any parents yelling at their children.  Everybody paid for their ice cream and waited patiently.  It was quite something to see and refreshing.

Monday, I confirmed our storage unit, and everything was going lickety-split, and I drove down the road right after school let out. At the creamery, there was a bunch of kids buying ice cream cones, but I didn’t see a Starbucks anywhere. It was just different.

A lot of the businesses here have very strange hours; they work from 9 to 4, sometimes 9 to 5 excluding grocery store and liquor stores and gas stations, but everything else has regular hours. I was telling a friend of mine on the phone this morning. She said, “oh you mean they get to have a life too.” Something to think about, isn’t?

Fresh vegetables are a premium here you can only buy what’s in season. That means a cucumber right now is almost $1.50 apiece, and organic food is out of the question.

And in a grocery store you can’t buy hard liquor, only beer and wine. You can only buy liquor at a liquor store and they have certain hours.  If you go into a liquor store and purchase something besides liquor, it is run-up on a separate register. All liquor stores in several states are state-run, but some are not open on Sunday, some are, but have limited hours. Even Costco can’t sell spirits, just beer, and wine.  There are no 7-Eleven’s here; in fact, they’re not to be seen. They do have Dunkin’ Donuts coffee and gas stations, but they’re not on every corner.

I’m not saying this is better or this is worse, nor is this lacking. I’m just looking at the difference and the difference is why I came here.

Just to round out my Tuesday morning, we needed gas. Gas is $2.82 to $2.89 a gallon and diesel is $3.15.  Yesterday driving around with my eyes seeing such beauty, I reminded myself to be careful cause some of the roads are only 2 lanes, or I might end-u in a ditch!

I joined the library and signed up to be part of the book club. No wine and cheese! Don’t worry I’ll find a place to get my wine and cheese. Next week my driver’s license.

I found the beauty I was looking for.  Keep looking for yours.

Always with love, ME


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