8 Common Self-Pleasure Myths Debunked

Ladies, I really liked this article on the 8 common Masturbation Myths. It’s my pleasure to pass it on to you.


As a young child, I was told it’s a big no-no, and If I did, I was going to go to hell.  In my past life, as a preschool teacher, I can say children as early as 2,3, and 4 years of age touch themselves.

Kids are very curious, and it feels so good.

My experience is, women are uptight about masturbation.  Not fully understanding their own bodies, because of internal rules passed down, they had these same negative thoughts right on down to their kids.

However, children still discover ways to explore their bodies.  My recommendation is that you read the article and explore your own body.

For a lot of people, the word masturbation makes us wrinkle our noses and go yuck; like we can’t even discuss it. But on the other hand, men talk about it openly and freely. They joke about it on television, standup comedy shows etc. I believe you all know what I’m talking about. They touch themselves on the ball field etc. Men talk about their body; farting, pooping, touching and calling themselves names like dick etc. I don’t need to elaborate.

Could you see Serena Williams grabbing her crotch and give a good and hardy scratch?

However, we cannot talk openly about our body parts! Ours are nasty and not theirs are not? Regardless, for women, it seems to be socially unacceptable.

As you read the eighth myths on masturbation, I wanted to leave you with a question: Why is it so different for us?

8 Common Masturbation Myths -- Debunked!

How do you feel about self-pleasure? Why do I have shame?

If you just can’t masturbate and are thinking about trying it and need a little help, let ‘s start a dialog.

Article from Shebop 2017 click on the link below

Masturbation myths

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