American incarnation of Mother’s Day

President Woodrow Wilson, wife Ellen, and 3 daughters

The American incarnation of Mother’s Day was created by Anna Jarvis in 1908. President Woodrow Wilson made it an official U.S. holiday in 1914, the first Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day is fast approaching. I wish I had my mother for one more Mother’s Day. But most of my life I didn’t get along with her. The reason was she had a daughter (me) who was very selfish. As I improved my life, started reading, working, and dealing with more people, I got to understand what an impossible job she had.

Here it is, 2018, and (in my opinion) our belief system is still cockeyed in regarding mothers. I can tell you there’s nothing quite like a mother. I think men today are beginning to step up and show up, but the belief system that pushed mothers to follow a certain model of motherhood is what’s cockeyed.

I tried to make my life, my children, my house and my cooking etc. etc. like that on the cover of Good Housekeeping.  I tried to make gingerbread cookies just like on the cover in the 70s. It didn’t end well. It didn’t happen because I had no desire to bake. I am the only one who wanted it to look and behave like “Good Housekeeping.”

The belief system is changing. As new women become mothers, they work and play. Whether they are married or not, they are changing the face of how Mommy looks. I’m glad to see it; however, the pressure is still there to be a traditional mother.

It’s the same with sex. (I know you were waiting for me to say something.)

Congratulations to the Mothers today!

However, here is the pit in the cherry pie. I’ve often wondered what it would be like if I had been raised by parents who really loved each other and showed it. I’m not complaining; I’m just saying you can have two parents in a family whether two men or women but without love and kindness, it can be disastrous.
I’ve seen divorced people take better care of their children separated than they ever did when they were together.

I think the way in which I was raised with no longer prevails.

Some people in society say this is the way, it must be!  I hate to tell them they’re dead wrong.

I celebrate mothers.  I think it’s an awesome job, it’s a hard and a rewarding job, but it is definitely hard work, but even motherhood goes better with a little fun, little love and if mom can get a little sex from her partner, but if not, a great toy! Happy Mother’s Day to you and yours.


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