Are Men Replaceable After All? Male Love Doll?

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I put three links on this blog: one new, the other I posted in January 2016. When I read the first article Dawn of the SexBots, I just laughed like crazy, because we are so prudish in this country, yet we have a sex industry that earns billions each year. So, those of you if you dare to open these links and watch the video, you will have an education and hopefully laugh.

Now, sex has been here a long time and will always continue in one form or another with or without our approval or condemnation. There is a basic need for most people for sex: for love, excitement, procreation, and pure unadulterated raw lust.

Personally, I have had all those needs met.

Unfortunately, there are others who walk among us, speaking with one tongue but secretly doing something different, while condemning other people who have various sexual tastes.

Here is a question for you: what state in the union has the highest number of female buyers of the new male Love Doll?  Wait until you hear the answer.  No, I want you to be surprised, just like I was.  Sex Doll for Women.

I love my JOB!!! I love science fiction stories I read as a child, they had love robots, self-driving, and flying cars and talked about one day walking on the moon.

 Today, sex toys are a $15 billion industry. There are hundreds of manufacturers and distributors and thousands of retailers around the world. Based on what we’ve seen, we can expect nothing less than rapid, continued mainstream success and growth for the pleasure products industry in the years and decades to come.” Chad Braverman, COO, of Doc Johnson

So, this is true; it’s not new, nor is the need for a sexual partner always the best way for some people.

Here is the link for the history of sex dolls. 

But this is a first Sex Doll for Women, yes Women.  Holy Moly we do like sex.  No, I did not say that in a whisper either, but loud and clear.

Pretty soon we’re going to have a sex doll that moves and vibrates and can be warm to the touch and pulsate.  I would say very soon we will be able to plug Our Love Doll in like our phones to be recharged. Don’t shake your head, it will I be done; it’s just a matter of time.

Are Men Replaceable?   

Dawn of the SexBots


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