There are nearly as many kinds of donut varieties as there are countries in the world (which is 196). Even within those countries (like the United States, the inventors of the donut, 1847) there are numerous varieties of donuts (like yeast donuts, cake, cruller, jelly filled, fritters, long johns, cream donuts, donut holes just to name a few). What kind of donut do you like?
Variation of Sex can be any way you want!
Plain or Sprinkles. Your Choice
So, to all my Peeps, try a little variety; it’s not fatting unless you are careless.
Powered                Heavenly Sunday
Plain                     Missionary Monday
Glazed                  Smooth & Sweet Tuesday
Longs Johns          Wild & Wicked Wednesday
Sprinkles               Quickie Thursday
Carmel                  Erotic Friday
Jelled Filled            Suck until you’re Dry Saturday
Old Fashion            Slow & Easy Sunday
Chocolate Dipped    After Dark Sweetness
Creamed Filled       Come as You Are Delights
Bear Claw              Ruff & Tough Tumble
Donut Holes           Nibble Here Nibble There
Boston Cream         Out of Town Adventure
Cruller Twist           Tangled Feet in Sheets
 So, I say to you and your sex partner, don’t until wait until they are all dried up.  Life is short, and we don’t last forever, and doughnuts don’t either.
I still don’t know who they are, but they say, “variety is the spice of life.” Go live and stop thinking and worrying about things which steal your joy… Have more sex and eat plenty of donuts.


Never Be Afraid to Try Something New 

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