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Jo Silicone Lubricant

My favorite lube. It doesn’t stain the sheets or any other surface you have sex on.  It alleviated all my dryness immediately.  It stays on top of the skin and isn’t readily absorbed making it longer lasting.  Bacteria cannot live in this, like the flavored and colored lubes; and as we age the vaginal walls become thin being more susceptible to infections.  A little bit on yourself and then your partner or toy.  I promise you a little bit of pleasure and more.  Made in USA
(This 8 ounce size is a whole lot of lube and can last up to a a year. You may want to purchase the smaller 2.5 Ounce size listed  below to save money)
             CLICK TO BUY 8oz Price: $39.95
             CLICK TO BUY 2.5oz $12.40