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A Strap on for Men: Why use a hollow strap on?

Hollow strap on could be wonderful additions to the land of sexual enhancement products and they have many uses.  Traditionally used for men with mild to severe ED (Erectile Dysfunction).  Hollow Dildos, essentially, allowing a man to place his penis inside (even if completely limp) and pleasure his partner. There are more purposes for a hollow dildo than just that!  Not to mention women can use them too, you know, women on women!

Here are some reasons:

  1. It can change the experience for her and super exciting for him.
  2. Partner has mild to severe ED
  3. Sometimes this act can help bring the erections back
  4. To please her in a way, more natural without using a vibrator
  5. Allows men to continue pleasing their partner until she has had her own fill.  It is like getting a bonus round during sex!
  6. All penises are not alike, some are more gifted than others so this way they can add girth and length.
  7. Women can use them too with a woman or a man. Some couples like anal penetration and this works very well with them.
  8. Also, being able to discuss this new toy and how we will use it, is mental foreplay, and that, creates an exciting turn on.

I did ask around a few men. Ages 30 to 75

They said the same; if my lady wants to try it I’m game. One gentleman said, “Hell if I get more sex, I’ll try anything once”.

Remember, this is a sexual adventure. Well Ladies and Gents, will you try anything once?  Try it and give us some feedback.


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