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October Toy of The Month

WOMANIZER PRO 40462544-482148-85x85

 Price $82.00

Orgasm In Less Than 60 Seconds   “ME LIKE THAT”
When it comes to reaching climax, the sexes just aren’t hard-wired the same way. In fact, many women — about one out of three — have trouble reaching orgasm, period, when having sex with or without a partner.
Stress reliever on the Go, a must to toy. The nice thing about this toy is no batteries, and it’s perfect for that quick pick me up!!! This is about $100.00. Don’t faint, it has a two year warranty. Such a deal!!! I have spent more on a purse
1. Womanizer Pro40462544-482148-85x85
The interchangeable suction heads are made of soft, hygienic silicone. 8 levels of intensity using the button to find the level that’s right for you.
The rechargeable 1.Pro40 is quiet, The Womanizer Pro40 triggers multiple orgasms comparable to oral sex.
8 Levels, Waterproof,
Charging cable included·
2 Year Warranty provided by epi24
This bad girl doesn’t vibrate. Instead, it uses gentle suction and pressure waves to tease and please your most sensitive spot. Womanizer stimulates using touch less pulsating pressure waves that feel both gentle and powerful. Most women report results in 3 minutes or less! Offers an ergonomic design, and is waterproof for fun in & out of the water.
This is a must have in the toy Box.


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Womanizer Deluxe

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Price: $229.00
Sale: $229.00
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