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September, Don’t be shocked by this month’s toy! 

OK Ladies – sit down, strap in and hold on tight – a surprise is coming! 


With the new silicone Love Dolls being made today in the USA (for men and women alike), they continue to become more and more realistic than we ever imagined or dreamed possible. 

A report that I read this morning on adult toys and their market size has grown heavily over the last five years.  The benefit of purchasing adult products online provides anonymity, wider purchase selection, and lower prices.  Currently, the revenue on internet toys and videos is $10 billion a year. 

Forbes reported on the adult video and internet industry; however, this did not include toys, lube, clothing, etc., adding up to $20 billion a year.  There seems to be no end to the possibilities for sex toys for us all. 


This brings us to one of the latest new toys I found.  The way I look at it, this is just another accessory to my sexual pleasure toy chest. 

(This could be something for your Christmas stocking!) 

To Buy $499.00 


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