My First Week in Vermont

We left LA on Monday, April 29 at six in the morning and we got to Vermont at six pm that night.

Day two, was a flurry of busyness; had to get my storage unit set up, go to the bank and open a new account. At this bank, they have a big bowl of Dog Treats, when you bring your dog to the drive-through. Also, the treats are inside the bank. Do you believe that? Dog Treats. Then off to set up health insurance, and then to Costco.

Costco in Vermont is quite different. There are parking spaces available. I had an hot-dog, but their hot dog & bun are different; it something on it like cornmeal on the top of the bun. Just a bit weird!

Day three, I went to the local grocery store, what an experience. I was shocked. I don’t know if this is going to work: They don’t have BEST FOODS mayonnaise; they don’t have the kind of chips I like. This is disastrous. I just must take a deep breath and know that it will be OK. You all may have to walk me through it.

And today Friday, it’s been a bit slower. It has drizzled a bit of water from the sky for two days.

What was unique, people walking around without an umbrella, shorts, and on some, they had jackets and some not!  It was 45 degrees yesterday. I was the one with a jacket!!!!!

Saturday and Sunday were a joy!! May is called the fifth season; melting snow and sprinkles of rain.  Mud season. There seems to be a bit everywhere.

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