One month in Vermont

Is there a perfect place? I think not!   

I guess we must decide for ourselves what is best for us.  

 After being here for a month, it’s evident we have different people in every house in every town. There is no perfect place, but for me, today, this sure feels like it.

This morning early, I took a walk, probably for about 45 minutes. It was quiet and it seemed like every bird in the world was singing to me. Many homes have back yard gardens.  Dark clouds coming, we have a storm on its way, but it’s taking its time, so for right now, this day is bright and sunny.
The flowers are brilliant with color and new shoots shooting up out of the ground. It seems like overnight they became 12 inches taller.  The Lilacs are blooming, and their robust smell is intoxicating to me.
I would say more than half of the houses don’t have fences between their properties. So much of green grounds between each house you can pass gas and one can hear. So many have only onecar garages. Can you imagine a onecar garage? 

 A lot of the houses are two-story, like my son’s houseI am up and down the stairs all day long, so I can feel my legs getting stronger and my butt getting smaller. From my mouth to God’s ears. 

Though I have recovered from my mayonnaise debacle, there are several things not available here in the markets, but nothing I can’t live without.  Just goes to show you how set in my ways I am. 

Tractors are big here. Big tractors, little tractors, and riding lawnmowers. Because there is so much space between each home you must have a mower you can ride.

I have watched some gentlemen sip and spin all over their yardReally they are dreaming they’re on a racetrack!   

Yesterday, the skies were a brilliant blue, filled with white magnificent puffy clouds. The air is different today. It smells like rain is coming, just before the rains. You can hear it and can feel it. Air is crisp and clean, it’s so quiet in the morning, void of everyday noise but the rooster waking us up, and it is music to my ears. 

Shortly after the rooster did his morning wakeup call.  I was sitting on the porch (coffee in hand); I could smell a fireplace.  Boy was I wrong. 

 In minutes the air was filled with heavy fast-moving smoke. Half a block away the fire department was doing training; called a controlled burn.

As fast as it started it was out, and the air returned to normal.  An every- day occurrence in these parts. 

 Just to add to these other foreign and amazing things, are burn piles. People take their old lumber, trees, dead leaves, and garden waste.

They make a big Tepee type stack in a certain area of their yard. When it is big enough, they set fire and burn it. There are no green waste cans here.
There’s also very little trash on the street. There are no billboards on the highway and regular business street signs can only be so tall. It is very pleasant not to have that distraction.   

There are many “Good Old Country Boys” here in Vermont.  Yes, I know we are 150 miles from Canada.

Hunting and fishing here are big. Also, you can conceal a weapon and holster it.  It is allowed.  

Since this is a Bernie Sanders state, I asked Richard, my son, “Where are the Liberals?’’ With a devilish grin, he stated, “they are hiding.”  

This crispy morning most people around here don’t even have a jacket on because 45 degrees to 60 is considered shorts weather.

Now it is 4 pm and the kids are in their bathing suits playing outside; current temperature 74. Isn’t life grand! 

Memorial Day Weekend is a big carsales day.  I’m going to buy a new car.  

My son said “Mom, let’s go looking” I said are you crazy there will be too many people out today.”   He laughed at me with a response “ok, there will be four people instead of two!”  He was right.

Be well and happy my friends, ME

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