One Size Really

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New Information on Condoms.   Did you know their making condoms now that will fit up to 60 different-sized penises?  Well when I stopped laughing, as I normally do with new sex statistics, I watched this video.

If you receive anything from this, it will make a great conversation topic at the dinner table.

So, get some popcorn, set back and enjoy the video. CONDOMS


A little bit of story for fun:

When I worked in an industry which was dominated by the male species.  The daily topics were; women and sex and the size of their member. Either they poked fun at each other’s dimensions or how small the other guy was!

Then there was Bob, who limped into the office one day, dragging one of his legs because he had to strap IT to his angle to keep it down. This was in the late 80 so don’t ruffle your feathers. I still laugh at the humor of the joke.

A Man boards a plane with six kids. After they get settled in their seats, a woman sitting across the aisle leans over to him and asks “Are all of those kids yours? He replies, “No.  I work for a condom company.  These are customer complaints.”


In the past, I have sent you stories and information. Well, I hope you enjoyed both of them.


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