Sadie Allison’s Ride ‘Em Cowgirl! Sex Position Secrets for Better Bucking

A truly modern communication tool, this gem of a book empowers women and men to experience the best lovemaking of their lives. In Ride ‘Em Cowgirl!, Dr. Sadie teaches how to enlighten and stimulate your sexual appetite, then reveals new lovemaking angle variations and techniques that set off deep, body-wide orgasms that’ll take your breath away!

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Sadie Allison’s Undercover Clitoris

Orgasmic fingertip touching every women craves

Men are discovering the most thrilling ways to arouse the clitoris just the way their lovers desire giving them the most exquisite orgasms they have EVER experienced.

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Why Do I Think I am Nothing Without a Man?

Why Do I Think I am Nothing Without a Man?“, by Penelope Russianoff, Ph.D.

  This book changed my life, it opened thoughts I was not aware of.  It is a great book!  I no longer felt guilty about me, I knew I wasn’t alone . Why was I helpless in my relationship at home, however I was an executive at work responsible for over 35 employees?  This book began my metamorphosis from passive acceptance of a relationship to taking control of my life and finding value in who I was.