Top 10 Toys Review

I love sex toys, they a wonderful addition to ramping up fun or get down and get serious.  ( I have had serious, playful, I like playful best!) I’m unable to try them all out, hell I would never be able to rest. So, I rely on Myss Ruby.  I have read most of the reviews out there but, she is not flashy but straight to the point.  Always leaves me informed on what is new and best for my clients.  The good […]


     The Holiday Toy of the month is a little ditty that is perfect for traveling. Just in case you want to bring A Little Bit of Pleasure for your party! CALEXOTICS RED HOT IGNITE MASSAGER  Just $35.00 plus a coupon $10.00 off Watch the video to receive the code.

September, Don’t be shocked by this month’s toy! 

OK Ladies – sit down, strap in and hold on tight – a surprise is coming!    With the new silicone Love Dolls being made today in the USA (for men and women alike), they continue to become more and more realistic than we ever imagined or dreamed possible.  A report that I read this morning on adult toys and their market size has grown heavily over the last five years.  The benefit of purchasing adult products online provides anonymity, […]

Sex For Men Only?

Gentlemen, this is just for you.  I have never seen a sex toy that seems to have it all for men. I did research on the Tanga Com.Ltd  These gentlemen toys and this company were started by an auto mechanic in Japan. I have a curious mind, I’m compelled to seek out answers.  So, if you too have a strange; unusual mind,  check it out!.   Click on the link and see all the functions this toy can offer you. I watched the video which is […]

Perfect Little Sex Assistant

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies. This is the perfect little sex assistant. This toy is so versatile; let us count the ways.  Self-pleasure is so easy. Your partner can use it on or with you. It will work in any position you can twist your body. And no batteries: Plug-in. It’s a must in my toy box.      Aria Mi Vibe Rechargeable Bullet Kit By Blush Novelties – Plum ARIA MI VIBE RECHARGEABLE BULLET KIT BY BLUSH NOVELTIES – PLUM $33.99 $47.99(you save $14.00) ALL […]

May “Head Honcho”

Not all toy as are for  everyone.I pick sexual toys based on  customers reviews and personal experience.  If a toy makes my partner and I feel good, then its  a good toy and I recommend it.


“Two for One”    A Strap on for Men: Why use a hollow strap on? Hollow strap on could be wonderful additions to the land of sexual enhancement products and they have many uses.  Traditionally used for men with mild to severe ED (Erectile Dysfunction).  Hollow Dildos, essentially, allowing a man to place his penis inside (even if completely limp) and pleasure his partner. There are more purposes for a hollow dildo than just that!  Not to mention women can […]

February Toy of the Month

This is a pleaser wither you use it alone or together.  Foreplay Frenzy Climaxer    Wither you’re your own sweetheart, or you have a Hottie at home or a casual lover, this is a fun and very useful toy. The Foreplay Frenzy Climaxer features two special teasers designed for your most sensitive erogenous zones. The first teaser is the tip itself. The tip curves upward to reach your G-Spot and enlarged to deliver better stimulation.  The smooth shaft naturally flexes […]

January Toy of the Month

Toy of the Month This month I’m going to make it easy for you to add more excitement in the bedroom.   There are many choices you  might like to try.  Have a peek and give one or several an opportunity to make you scream and holler.  Follow this link: Refinery is a reputable site. I recommend their products. I think several of these look really interesting. Toys can really help heat up the fun and passion in the bedroom, […]