Mother’s Day Stronic G Pulsator 50% OFF

Here is a Mothers Day Special just for you. The Fun Factory Stronic Pulsator is it’s more of a strong, handsome rechargeable love machine. Hold it in your hand –– even at its lowest setting the thrusting Stronic Pulsator appears to be connected to an invisible, tireless lover, who’s only wish is to make you come like never before…again…and again. The Fun Factory Stronic Pulsator’s 9″ long silicone body feels silky and heavenly, holding to lube longer for even easier […]

Jo Silicone Lubricant

My favorite lube. It doesn’t stain the sheets or any other surface you have sex on.  It alleviated all my dryness immediately.  It stays on top of the skin and isn’t readily absorbed making it longer lasting.  Bacteria cannot live in this, like the flavored and colored lubes; and as we age the vaginal walls become thin being more susceptible to infections.  A little bit on yourself and then your partner or toy.  I promise you a little bit of […]

Ro-Deo Vibrator

Cowgirl, Take A Wild Ride! Rechargeable vibe lets you rock your way to ecstasy! Giddyap! You’ll moan when you wrap your thighs around this bucking bronco. The Ro-Deo Vibrator’s dual stimulators please you up front and deep inside. Each delivers 7 functions of powerful vibration, with separate controls so you can mix and match the sensations. Use the rounded handle for solo sensations, or rock your way to total satisfaction! BUY NOW!

May “Head Honcho”

Not all toy as are for  everyone.I pick sexual toys based on  customers reviews and personal experience.  If a toy makes my partner and I feel good, then its  a good toy and I recommend it.


“Two for One”    A Strap on for Men: Why use a hollow strap on? Hollow strap on could be wonderful additions to the land of sexual enhancement products and they have many uses.  Traditionally used for men with mild to severe ED (Erectile Dysfunction).  Hollow Dildos, essentially, allowing a man to place his penis inside (even if completely limp) and pleasure his partner. There are more purposes for a hollow dildo than just that!  Not to mention women can […]

February Toy of the Month

This is a pleaser wither you use it alone or together.  Foreplay Frenzy Climaxer    Wither you’re your own sweetheart, or you have a Hottie at home or a casual lover, this is a fun and very useful toy. The Foreplay Frenzy Climaxer features two special teasers designed for your most sensitive erogenous zones. The first teaser is the tip itself. The tip curves upward to reach your G-Spot and enlarged to deliver better stimulation.  The smooth shaft naturally flexes […]

January Toy of the Month

Toy of the Month This month I’m going to make it easy for you to add more excitement in the bedroom.   There are many choices you  might like to try.  Have a peek and give one or several an opportunity to make you scream and holler.  Follow this link: Refinery is a reputable site. I recommend their products. I think several of these look really interesting. Toys can really help heat up the fun and passion in the bedroom, […]

December Toy “Magic Wand”

Magic Wand Original Possibly the most well known vibrator on the market, the Wand was delivering intense mu… [More] Price: $79.95 Sale: $79.95 Buy Now Use Coupon Code EROTICA at check out to get 50% off one purchase This vibrator is like Harry Potters  Wizard Wand.  Wow, Pop and Zoom.  Below are real reviews  on the Magic wand  It is good, with attachments it’s incredible! I think I had an out of body experience. *smirking*” “We have lots of toys […]