Short Story on Sex Toys

By Peggy Orenstein, Feb. 6, 2018

Hello, and Happy May to you all,

I love my job. I research, read, and find the most interesting articles, some which are sent to me by my readers and friends.

Before I started in the sex business, I was stuck in arcade thinking; everything regarding sexual intercourse was bad if it wasn’t the missionary position. WoW, did I wake up and find happiness.

My very first sex toy was given to me by my husband.  I was in the state of shock when I opened the box. It was quite daunting. It was big and red.  I asked him “what is this for?”  “It’s for you!” he exclaimed.  “You and me?” I said.   “No, just you.” He stated.  I didn’t get it. Why?  I kept asking. He would never talk about it.

I can tell you now, it was a great gift and the start of an adventure with toys.  But everything I learned about toys was on a trial and error basis.  I liked this but not that.

There were no articles about sex toys in any magazines I ever saw. If there were, articles or magazines, I didn’t know where to buy them.

 So, I pass on information to you I wish I had at the beginning of my sex-toy education.    I think you will enjoy the knowledge these articles impart.

I would love to know what you think about the articles.

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