Lynn, Texas
Beautiful and beneficial for real life!!! Thank you, ME, for being the O-so-awesome person you are who has led me to the most positive differences in my life that I have experienced in 50 years (yep, I’m 67, and experienced the second orgasm of my life last year after reading your book. Thank you, ME, for the positive difference your guide to the lives of women and men. Without ever having met you, I can say with completely honest and respect that you guided me to experience ecstasy I had never known existed in my world of sexual use and abuse! Beautiful it is!!!!

Nancy Bryan, author of Thin is a State of Mind
I had to sit down and read your book as soon as I received it. It’s fantastic. I can’t tell you it is just an absolutely magnificent book. You’re heroin for writing it.

Susan Casimer
ME Sims has written a book that needed to be written years ago. A Little Bit of Pleasure is friendly, accessible, and easy to read. But most important, it is full of information and hints that women have needed and wanted to know for years. There is no tiptoeing around “difficult” subjects. She teaches women how to achieve sexual pleasure– a great gift to women who didn’t know there was more than they already had. I grew up in a world where women didn’t talk to each other about sex; didn’t ask questions about whether what they felt or wanted to feel was “normal.” Sims answers the unasked questions with humor and respect for her audience. She encourages women to pleasure themselves and to ask for what they would like. This is an outstanding book. I recommend it to women from 18 to 95.

Nancy Klein
This book is a humorous and interesting account of one woman’s life journey through her own trial and error. She shares her experiences and gathered knowledge to help women develop a more satisfying sex life. This book isn’t just for married couples it also explores all relationships including straight, gay, single, and any other type of situation you might find yourself. The author, ME Sims, reveals her deep sense of understanding of the feelings, thoughts, and fears of the reader. It was truly a genuine pleasure to read.

Colleen O’Neil
I think this is one of the best, down-to-earth books on sex that has been written. We don’t need those “sex manuals” written by doctors and shrinks. Our sisterhood wants to digest sex with a humorous and practical slant – just what ME gives us. So, with a wine glass in hand, I salute you ME Sims for such an authentic book…bravo!!