# 17 Our sex questions are real. And so are You!

It is hard for many of us to talk about SEX. There is an underlining idea that what we think, what we say, and what we feel about sex might be dirty, wrong, or shameful.

In the many workshops I have done over the years, I have found that the number one hard topic for people to discuss is sex. But we want to know more.  When talking with someone we feel comfortable with, the words seem to come more easily.

When I do a workshop or private mentoring, people tell me they feel safe telling me their thoughts and fears regarding sex. Why me? Well I believe its because I do not judge.  Period.

Like foods, some like it spicy, salted, peppered or plain. Sex is no different.

The trouble with our feelings about sex is the influence others have over our feelings and thoughts.  I think the true master of our sex lives is locked between our ears. The stuff my head conjures up about anything, if I said out loud, they might lock me up!  We really are all the same. Sex is a God given pleasure.   However, keeping “what people say“ and “what will people think?” in our head robs us of our Pleasure.

So, what I’m hoping for and asking from you is to open up a dialogue of conversations between us,so we can share ideas and questions with other women.   We are not alone. Let’s go on adventure.   I can post on my blog. (no names)  And you can write your responses, thoughts, and questions.  Of course, If you do not want your comments posted just say the word, “No,” and I will not post them.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

ME kiss

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